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Capital Campaigns

The case for support is now completed and articulated in a way that brings credibility to your institution's vision for the future.

Volunteer campaign leaders are recruited and lead gifts are committed. The budget, usually between 5% and 15% of the goal, is established.

Campaign marketing materials are prepared.

Major gifts are sought. Prospects are evaluated. Additional donor prospects are identified.

Details About Campaign Services

With careful preparation,
you will have the momentum you need to achieve your goal. You may wish to continue to use counsel to advise a strong staff in the day to day strategy and management of the campaign until it is brought to a successful conclusion.

It is never too soon to start planning your campaign.

Affinity Resources LLC subscribes to the AFP Code of Professional Ethics which prohibits development professionals from raising funds on a percentage basis. We believe that this is in the best interest of our clients. Affinity Resources LLC charges for its campaign services based on a fixed project fee that includes transportation and expenses.

Special Information About Church Campaigns

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