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Campaign Services

Affinity Resources works with you to provide a detailed fundraising campaign master plan unique to your situation. To design a successful campaign plan we use the information obtained from your planning or feasibility study, as well as information researched from other successful campaigns that share characteristics of your campaign, to address your stated objectives.

Addressing all aspects of your campaign, the campaign master plan is the internal tool for managing your campaign – for monitoring its steps and phases and for measuring its progress. Your campaign master plan includes a description of constituencies, fundraising tools, and appeals as well as a detailed timeline and identified responsibilities to guide clear expectations.

Our consulting relationship with your organization during the campaign is determined by your needs.

We offer:

  • Campaign Management (4-10 days of consultation monthly)
  • Professional Counsel (at a daily rate)

Every fundraising campaign requires a different set of support services that are unique to the needs of your organization.

Campaign Services offered by Affinity Resources include:

  • Design and implementation of the campaign master plan
  • Writing of a thorough, strong case statement
    Identification of campaign leadership and support for their recruitment
  • Preparation of an organization plan for the campaign
  • Drafting of a campaign budget
  • Identification and research of all major prospects
  • Preparation of top prospect lists
  • Matching of prospects and solicitors
  • Identification of the best foundation prospects
  • Writing of foundation grant proposals
  • Creation and implementation of campaign public relations plan
  • Design and/or production of all campaign materials and brochures
  • Design and/or production of the campaign web site
  • Planning and coordinating prospect cultivation activities;
  • Donor prospect evaluation
  • Plan and coordinate campaign meetings
  • Preparation of volunteer materials
  • Training of campaign volunteers
  • Monitoring the progress of the campaign
  • Follow-up with campaign volunteers and their assignments
  • Oversight of the prompt recording and acknowledgement of campaign gifts

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