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Organizational Development - Overview

Organizational Development is more than fundraising. The service of philanthropy, "is a delicate fabric of tightly woven threads each of which is endowed with a distinct integrity." (Henry A. Rosso) Fundraising never stands alone in an organization. It is part of an integrated whole.

Ask these questions of your organization:

  • Do we have a clearly defined mission that is captured in a familiar statement?
  • Do we have a strong, well trained board, able to communicate our mission and vision?
  • Is there both a strategic plan and an annual operating plan?
  • Is the fund raising budget sufficient to do the job? Are the moneys being used wisely?
  • Is there an annual development plan?
  • Are volunteers being used effectively?
  • Do people outside of the organization know who we are and why we exist?
  • Is there a communications plan?
  • Are our donors being thanked within 48 hours of our receiving a gift?
  • Do we have a plan for preserving our organization for the future?
  • Do we have an effective web presence that will communicate our mission in the 21st Century?

Affinity Resources LLC offers a wide range of development services. Fund raising never stands alone in an organization. It is part of an integrated whole.

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