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Endowment Campaigns

An endowment campaign raises money to begin or increase the funds in an endowment. Endowments are a result of the donor's intention -- that funds be set aside for a specific purpose, often holding the principle intact. Boards that accept endowment monies are bound by the donor's intention. Undesignated funds are sometimes set aside by boards and called "endowments," but because the board is not permanently bound by its own action and these funds can later be redesignated for another purpose, such funds are properly considered to be "reserves," not endowments.

Endowment campaigns are often ongoing when an organization never stops trying to attract money into the endowment fund. Major and small gifts to such a fund are welcomed. When funds are solicited for this purpose then the donor's intent must be assumed to be that they become part of the endowment and treated as such.

To grow your endowment, develop a program to help your donors maximize the personal benefits of their charitable giving.

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Gift Planning allows donors to make major gifts you might have thought impossible. Through beneficial tax treatments under both state and federal law, planned giving is the name for a way to make a significant gift and also enjoy the benefits of these laws.

Careful planning reduces taxes or can even eliminate income taxes (including capital gain) and transfer taxes (including gift, estate, inheritance and generation-skipping).

Planned giving helps donors achieve their goals for your organization while enhancing personal financial plans and security. By eliminating these taxes, donors can enjoy tax savings while turning appreciated assets into an income for yourself or others.

Affinity Resources LLC features professional gift planning services. By working directly with donors, or by designing and implementing planned giving programs, the future resources needed to accomplish your mission will be provided.

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