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Online Fundraising - Overview

There are many different aspects to Online Fundraising.

It's about using a set of tools from the online environment to support the tasks of fundraising. The basic principals of fundraising do not change in the virtual landscape.

Among the most important tools for Fundraising Online is Email. You must have a carefully planned Email Strategy.

Your organization can only benefit from having a "Donate Now!" button on your web site. What was once an expensive option is now an easy addition to your web presence.

Has Online Fundraising lived up to your expectations? Accepting donations online is inexpensive to implement. Success requires more than a web site and a donate button. Rely on our exceptional experience to help you create an effective Internet communications strategy.
Raise Capital Funds Using The Internet

There are many different application service providers able to make online giving possible for you. Read our article to learn what you should look for.

Online Donation Engine Providers

It's important also to know the best ways to implement the process of receiving a donation online. There's more to it than just a donate button. Read our article: The Online Donation Process

And it's also important to know to look at more than just price when you're choosing between some 50+ different application service providers of online donation engines.

Online Donation Engines Price Comparison

Learn about Virtual Community. Fundraising online does not stand alone. It must be integrated with everything you do.

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