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About Our Work

Affinity Resources™ create fundraising solutions that work:

  •  Designed and conducted a successful $13 million campaign for a major urban church.
  •  Created a web presence to attract student applicants to newly founded private school that resulted in a waiting list after two years.
  •  Conducted innovative e-mails appeal to attract new donors and can implement forms, CGI, and javascript solutions to on-line giving.
  •  Re-designed and led the rescue of a stalled $1.5 million campaign for a social service organization.
  •  Led and executed the planning and implementation of capital campaigns in the $500,000 range and up.


  • Designed and maintained a variety of fund raising databases for over 12 years for up to 25,000 donor entries.
  • Conducted phonathons, direct mail appeals, special events, annual appeals, membership drives.

Affinity Resources LLC subscribes to the AFP Code of Professional Ethics which prohibits development professionals from raising funds on a percentage basis. We believe that this is in the best interest of our clients. Affinity Resources LLC charges for its services based on a fixed project fee that includes transportation and expenses, and guarantees a minimum number of support days during the life of the project. Except under unusual circumstances, there is no fee for submitting a proposal.

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