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Privacy Policy

Safeguarding the privacy of our site visitors is our high priority at Affinity Resources.

We understand that your sharing of information implies your consent to follow-up contact. Contact information that you choose to share (address, telephone, email) may be forwarded to a team member for a single appropriate contact. We don't enjoy pressure calls from salespeople and we never make them. We will treat your time and interest as we ourselves would want to be treated.

All email addresses received at Affinity Resources are stored on a list server for use in informational mailings. Every list server mailing contains instructions on how to opt-out of the list. Actual storage of email addresses is not online but on our own PC, in house. Thus, the files are secure and not subject to intrusion.

Individually identifiable information provided by you (i.e., name, address, e-mail address etc.) will not be disclosed beyond the Affinity Resources team without your consent. Affinity Resources may share aggregate statistical information about our users as a group (i.e., typical usage habits or overall demographics) with our community partners in a secure and responsible manner.

Affinity Resources will never provide your email address or any other personal information to outside solicitors.


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