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The legal requirements for fundraising registration are ever changing. As a FREE service to the nonprofit community, we gladly provide registration tips and updates both to our customers and to do-it-yourselfers.

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Helpful Information About Charity Compliance

There’s a lot of information about charitable solicitation registration available on the internet, some helpful and a lot that's not. Below are a few resources we’ve found useful that might help you, too. Browse articles, sign up for webinars, and get some commonly used PDFs as you learn the many ins and outs of fundraising registration.

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States Requiring Registration
Map and List

State Charitable Registration Databases
Links to individual states

State Requirements for Registration by Professional Fundraising Counsel
Links to individual state definitions and registration forms



The Unified Registration Statement Is No Longer Useful

States That Charge Late Fees at Initial Registration

"Click to Donate": Which States Have Jurisdiction over My Online Fundraising?

Is our organization exempt from filing Schedule A donor disclosure with our 990?

Does My Nonprofit Really Have to Register Before Asking For Money? What you need to know about fundraising regulations.


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What Others Say About Charitable Solicitation Registration

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

National Council of Nonprofits

This one is rather old but still applies (and it shows this is not something new): IRS


Downloadable PDFs

IRS Form 990

IRS Form 990EZ - 2008

IRS Form 990 Schedule G

Instructions for IRS Form 990 Schedule G

Instructions for IRS Form 990

Instructions for IRS Form 990EZ

Unified Registration Statement (before using this PDF, read the article The Unified Registration Statement Is No Longer Useful)

Charleston Principles