Maryland Fundraising Consultant and Solicitor State Registration Definitions

Every state names and defines fund raising professionals differently. For instance, Fundraising Consultant is similar to Fund-raising counsel but there may be different definitions. A Fundraiser is often the same as a Professional Solicitor, but not always.

(h) (1) "Fund-raising counsel" means a person who, for pay:
(i) advises a charitable organization about a charitable solicitation in Maryland or holds, plans, or manages a charitable solicitation in Maryland; but
(ii) does not directly solicit or receive charitable contributions from the public
(2) Fund-raising counsel does not include:
(i) and attorney because of getting legal advice;
(ii) an attorney, investment counselor, or banker because of advising a client or customer to contribute to a charitable organization;
(iii) a salaried officer or employee of a charitable organization that keeps a permanent office in the State; or
(iv) a person who prepares a grant proposal for submission to a specific charitable organization, corporation, or foundation.