Michigan Fundraising Consultant and Solicitor State Registration Definitions

Every state names and defines fund raising professionals differently. For instance, Fundraising Consultant is similar to Fund-raising counsel but there may be different definitions. A Fundraiser is often the same as a Professional Solicitor, but not always.

(f) "Professional fund raiser" means a person who plans, conducts, manages, or carries on a drive or campaign of soliciting contributions for or on behalf of a charitable organization, religious organization, or any other person in exchange for compensation or other consideration; or who engages in the business of or holds himself or herself out as independently engaged in the business of soliciting contributions for those purposes. The term does not include a bona fide officer or employee of a charitable organization unless his or her salary or other compensation is computed on the basis of funds to be raised or actually raised. [Instruction: A consultant engaged to plan a campaign that will be conducted in Michigan is a PFR.]