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The legal requirements for fundraising registration are ever changing. As a FREE service to the nonprofit community, we gladly provide registration tips and updates both to our customers and to do-it-yourselfers.

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Affinity Fundraising Registration Services

Registration Service Levels for Every Nonprofit

We help charities file in compliance to fundraise with confidence


Why Do Charities Need Fundraising Services?

Charities are typically required to file in the state or states in which they fundraise. Affinity’s integrated registration services help nonprofits raise funds legally in any state.

Regardless of your charity’s type, size, or location, we can help you gain and maintain fundraising compliance.


How Does the Registration Process Work?

Each state’s filing requirements are uniquely complex. Charities can more easily navigate these nuances with support from Affinity’s experienced team and our comprehensive registration solution: The Affinity Single Portal®.

Affinity Fundraising Registration status tab preview for efficient compliance tracking

An example of how registration tracking is available to customers on the Affinity Single Portal®.

Charities can save time and money on the state filing registration process. The Affinity Single Portal® uses a secure, online database to help nonprofits collect registration data and complete compliance tasks, including:

  • Collecting all data to fill out state forms

  • Completing state filing online

  • Tracking deadlines

  • Estimating all state filing fees


What Registration Services Are Available?

The Affinity Single Portal® powers two primary registration service options. Charities who find they need additional support throughout the process can trust Affinity to customize additional care.

Full Support

A professional, people-oriented service for all initial state registrations, filing extensions, renewals, and annual reports. Learn more.

Independent Registration

An efficient do-it-yourself option for helping charitable organizations meet deadlines and avoid unnecessary late fees. Learn more.



Are you a third-party provider in need of compliance software? Learn how The Affinity Single Portal® database can up-level your services by emailing